When can I get my PONF Camera?

Mid 2019, directly from our website.

How much will the PONF Camera cost?

We are working hard on that, please be patient ! But, we estimate the base price for the system with one digital back and one film back will start at €700 ($ 850).

What can be customized on the digital back’s computer interface?

You will be able to control several parts of the Linux OS of the camera (the way the interface looks, how to access commands, shortcuts to specific sets of functions) and you will be also able to let the camera make amazing things, if you are into programming. The digital back can work alone or can be connected to a dock station, so you can use a larger screen and keyboard and mouse. The Open Source part of the Operating System can be adapted to accomplish specific tasks, like in drone photography, videography, remote control of the camera. Your fantasy is the limit!

I’m not a developer...what can I customize myself?

No programming skills? No problem! You can always configure the basic and essential set of commands of your camera in a really easy way. If you are part of the fellowship, we offer you a convenient help in setting up the camera, according to your needs.

Will the film back have a light meter?

Not in the first model, so you will have the chance to use an external light meter,or meter on the digital back.

Where are the components for the PONF Cameras being sourced from?

We will be using the largest possible amount of recycled metal and plastic in our cameras and accessories. Plus, your camera will be almost entirely recyclable itself: the only footprint we want to leave is in your passion, not on our planet!


What else contributes to PONF’s ethical and sustainable manufacturing footprint?

Our assembly facilities are also equipped with solar panels, so we don’t actually pollute the environment while using electricity.

What does the Lifetime Warranty and Servicing cover?

We, at PONF, are committed to give you the best. So, when you get the camera, you also get access to a lifetime warranty on defects plus, lifetime servicing on selected components. We want you to have fun with your PONF camera as long you want to.

What is an Open Project?

An open platform built as a Open Source Hardware Project. Your contribution is always welcome! 

I’m vegan. Can my PONF camera be made vegan?

We seek to use only ethically sourced components in production and thus yes, there should be a version available containing only vegan materials, and all the rest of the cameras would be made using little or no products that would be considered otherwise, any leather being the primary exception.

Of course, the other huge part of the answer here is that celluloid film contains gelatin which by its nature is derivative of animal products. So, in order to be completely adhering to a vegan lifestyle one could forgo shooting film entirely and a PONF system could be modified to accommodate this. It is the decision of the individual of course but maybe it's worth noting that the project's creators are passionate artists and photographers who also take every reasonable opportunity to live compassionately.