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Integrating Photography and Information Technology

With the PONF Modular System, we are working in a new, exciting project.

The intersection of Imaging and Computers/IT solves many of the problems that are present today in the two fields: photographers need of a computer to perform much of their workflow and programmers of industrial, embedded, tailored solutions don’t have access to top quality imaging sensors for their applications.

PONF is making a smart camera that brings together photography and IoT in a single, straightforward, seamless workflow. No application is impossible for the modular camera: from self driving AI controlled robots to real time deep learning environment. 

PONF is designing its Digital back to be a modular, fully programmable, application aimed computer which has many capabilities never integrated into a camera. B2B users will enjoy advanced image processing solutions straight from the device, as well as the AI image recognition system, and the ability to acquire, edit and share images and data.

Many other sensors (temperature, proximity, radiation, pressure, infrared, ultrasound, just to name a few) can be added to the modular camera, as well as larger screens or specific equipment. The customisation of the design with the needed Operating System (traditional or Real Time), the ease of deployment in different environments, the 3D printed casing in the material you choose are at the core of the design.

The high-quality imaging sensors can also be put to work in any scenario where a high quality imaging sensor able to be programmed and modularly configured could be useful such as: 

  • Quality Control
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Colour matching
  • Deep learning
  • AI-based image or pattern recognition
  • Emergency services (on self guided drones and/or robots)
  • Research
  • Medical documentation and diagnostics
  • Forensics

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PONF seeks to be a global leader in Image Technology and is proud to present all industries with new device based solutions. 

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