PONF is a Modular Multi-Back Film and Digital Camera System.

The PONF Camera Is Coming Soon.

Hybridizing Film and Digital

Multi-back means the PONF Camera will have both a film back and a digital back which can interchangeably be mounted to one camera body. So, the PONF Camera is a cutting edge, high quality analog and digital IoT connected camera, made to be used as an extension of one’s vision no matter what’s in front of the lens. Users can exactly customize their camera, making it unique and personal to their needs with the soon to be launched configurator tool. The PONF Camera is almost entirely hand assembled, so you will be able to choose the colour, finish, and accessories so your camera perfectly suits your every photography need. 

Complete Integration of Photography and Information Technology

The brilliant intersection of love for photography and genius IT solutions, the PONF camera creates an all-in-one workflow for image-makers of all types and can be fully customized in terms of hardware and software to suit one’s individual needs. The customization of the digital back will allow each photographer to set up the critical functions of the camera in the way that suits them best, including creating extra accessibility where it’s needed. The modular designs allows not only photographers but also makers, researchers, developers, companies, industry to select the functions the modular system must have to be deployed in the needed working scenario. The camera can easily connect  to and control AI based drones, robots, and more. With integration into the Internet of Things, the camera is able to sharing and backing up directly to the Cloud. Video and digital stills are effortless and intuitive because of all of this. The only limit to this camera is your creativity!

One System, Unlimited Formats

35mm is just the beginning. We plan to create backs to accommodate instant film, 120 film, and large format sheet film. The fearless PONF Camera will allow you to seamlessly shoot multiple formats, making the most of an analog shooting experience. On the digital side, the PONF camera takes full advantage of sleek, state of the art tech. The digital back will be powered by the powerful, endlessly customizable RaspberryPI Compute Module 3, and will feature Sony APS-C and Full-Frame sensors and the new Sony M-OLED electronic viewfinders. By 2020 the system will also have a 6×6 digital back, for mind blowing detail made possible by the medium format sensor. We are also developing high quality optics, based on our favorite legacy optics from the years, lenses made with image lovers in mind. This system is made to work with your images in a complete workflow, from the snap of the shutter to the scan of your negative and everything in between.

SUpport PONF Development

Your generous support goes directly to funding prototype development and the day to day operations of PONF. We appreciate donations and contributions of all sizes! 

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PONF is an Open Project.

The PONF Team Loves Photography

The diverse international team behind PONF has 142 collective years of photography industry experience in a variety of backgrounds, from camera design to conceptual fine art, to landscape, to wedding photography, and everything in between. We are both technical and creative, and avid users of film, digital, still, video, large format, medium format, microformat, instant photography. Raffaello Palandri (founder) leads the project and the R&D; Vincent Bihler develops the mechanical back; Katherine Phipps is the marketing and communications director; Gregg McNeill is our vintage photography and digital video expert.

PONF is A Company That Cares

PONF is not only developing cameras: we are fostering a new, sustainable future for photography equipment, as we love this medium and want to share it with the next generation of image makers. From the heart of Europe, we are creating a manufacturing footprint which is as eco-friendly as we possible, incorporating solar energy production into the manufacturing space as well as drastically cutting down material waste with sustainably sourced and upcycled components. Once you’ve joined the PONF Fellowship, we’ve got your back (and camera back’s back) for life. This includes camera servicing, repair, applicable software updates, and more, for as long as you own your camera. This is not a camera system designed to be replaced.

A Creative Foundation for Photography

We aspire to bring together from across the world a community of users who love to express themselves through images and want to share not only their pictures but their questions, their ideas, tutorials, photo essays, and more. PONF is for everyone who loves taking pictures. Through our PONF Foundation for Photographic Education, we will create original courses, lessons, and photography exercises, from basic analog to advanced digital to alternative processes and beyond. 

Product Development Is Now Underway

The PONF executives searched high and low for an industrial design team that shared their values and enthusiasm for this project, and they are pleased to announce that they’ve found a perfect match. The first working PONF Camera prototype will be available soon. We look forward to sharing more progress of the project as it develops further, but in the meantime encourage anyone interested in following along with the project to sign up for our newsletter or follow PONF on Facebook and Instagram.

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