PONF is the world’s first Multi-Back Film and Digital Camera.

Meet The PONF Camera.

Film and Digital

It seems like the question for every photographer these days is: film or digital? The makers of PONF decided, why choose when you could have both! Seamlessly shoot on 35mm film and digital sensor with interchangeable camera backs. It’s your new favorite camera.

PONF loves Photography On Film

At PONF we love photographers for everything they are: tinkerers, experimenters, chemists, seers, travelers, and dreamers. We’re photographers nostalgic for the age of finely crafted, analog optical equipment who also understand the amazing place of digital photography in the world of image making. We aspire to create a camera to suit every need of every photographer in the modern age. We want to help take the guesswork out of film photography for those learning the magic of analog. But above all, we are camera manufacturers, proudly based in Europe.

Use Your Lenses or Ours

You love using your favourite lenses, of course. And we love it, too! That’s why the PONF Multiback Open Camera has a M42 lens mount with a short flange distance, which means the PONF Camera can be used with a wide range of amazing legacy vintage and new lenses from renowned optical manufacturers from all over the world. We are also developing our own lenses: a 35mm, and a 50mm, both full manual lenses. 

Designed with Growth in Mind

Not only are we building the best camera ever, PONF doesn’t plan to just stop at one type of back or format. There are plans in the works for a rangefinder system, medium format back, and more. If you love to experiment and are looking for one system to bring together everything you love about photography, PONF is for you.

Your New Favorite Camera

The PONF Camera is an SLR camera which features both a 35mm film back & full frame (or APS/C) digital back. The film back is fully manual, giving you complete and satisfying control on your image creation. The digital back takes advantage of a small but powerful computer which is customized to suit your needs. In fact, the aspects that can be customized are endless. It is a camera that is almost entirely handmade according to your choices and needs. Choose the body material and finish, select the sensor you prefer, among other details which make this camera the only one you’ll need because it feels perfectly right to you.

PONF is an Open Project.

A New Hybrid Concept

PONF is making the world’s first multi-back, fully modular SLR camera. It features interchangeable 35mm analog film and full-frame digital backs and an M42 native lens mount. We are developing the best camera we could imagine, and we want to include the greater photography community every step of the way.

A Company That Cares

PONF is not only developing cameras: we are fostering a new, sustainable future for photography equipment, as we love this medium and want to share it with the next generation of image makers. From the heart of Europe, we are creating a manufacturing footprint which is as eco-friendly as we possible, incorporating solar energy production into the manufacturing space as well as drastically cutting down material waste with sustainably sourced and upcycled components.

A Creative Community

We aspire to bring together from across the world a community of users who love to express themselves through images and want to share not only their pictures but their questions, their ideas, tutorials, photo essays, and more. PONF is for everyone who loves taking pictures.

An Everything Camera

Our cameras will be almost entirely hand assembled, so you will be able to choose the colour, finish, and accessories so your camera perfectly suits your every photography need. The PONF Camera is a cutting edge, high quality analog and digital camera, made to be used as an extension of one’s vision no matter what’s in front of the lens. You’ll want to take it everywhere you go.

A Team That Loves Photography

The diverse international team behind PONF has 101 collective years of photography industry experience in a variety of backgrounds, from camera design to conceptual fine art, to landscape, to wedding photography, and everything in between. We are both technical and creative, and avid users of film, digital, still, video, large format, medium format, microformat, instant photography. Raffaello Palandri (founder) leads the project and is the developer of the film back, Enrico Miglino is the head developer of the digital back, Dario Murgia develops the electronics. 

A Lifetime of Development

Once you’ve joined the PONF Fellowship, we’ve got your back (and camera back’s back) for life. This includes camera servicing, repair, applicable software updates, and more, for as long as you own your camera. This is not a camera system designed to be replaced -- it’s one designed to grow with you and last as long as you need it to.

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