PONF - The Multiback camera: a film camera and a digital camera on the same body

The camera

Film and Digital

Our new multiback camera has film and digital backs, so you are free to create the image you want. Use it as a film camera or as a digital one. We are camera manufacturers, proudly based in Europe.

Use the lens you want

You can use our lenses, of course. But also your own, your favourite ones.

That's your next camera

35 mm film back & full frame (or APS/C) digital back. 

The film back is fully manual, giving you a complete and satisfying control on your image creation.
The digital back is based on RaspberryPI Compute Module 3, with a dedicated Linux Operating System, making of the back a small but powerful computer.

A camera that is almost entirely hand made, according to your choices and needs.

An Open Camera Project

The concept

We are actually prototyping your next, open camera: a 35 mm / full frame reflex camera with digital and film backs. An open platform built as a Open Source Hardware Project. Your contribution is always welcome!

A hand assembled, solid camera

Our cameras will be almost entirely hand assembled, and you will be able to choose the colour, the finish, the accessories. A quality camera, made to be used and to have fun with.

Freedom to create

Free your creativity, choose your favourite media: film and digital (and soon instant) photography are now on the same camera. 

A community of users

We believe that photography is a language, and that everyone deserves the best experience we can offer. We want to create a community of users who love express their self through images.

Who we are / where we are

Raffaello Palandri is the head of the project and developer of the film back, Enrico Miglino is the head developer of the digital back. 

We are in the prototyping phase, soon we will start testing our first models. We are working on the second model of the camera: a rangefinder.

Want to know more ? Want to help ?

Send us a message and let us know.

We believe that sharing knowledge, experience, ideas, and time is the only way to foster what we love: photography. 

Contact Us

Want to contact us?

We love to hear from you, so feel free to write us.

PONF Multiback Open Camera Project

Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany

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